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Open secret: Something that is technically a secret, but that everyone knows. Like that one aunt that has affairs all the time, everyone knows, but nobody mentions it.

Secret the people close to the character know: Something that only the closest friends/family would know about the character. Like the fact that they have six toes on one foot.

5 secrets their best friend would know: This should be self-explanatory. Something only their best friend would know.

5 secrets a sibling would know: As the above, but for siblings. Like that time your MC tripped on their foot and chipped their front tooth.

Secret the character doesn’t mind getting out: Something that is a secret but that if it got out your character wouldn’t mind. Like their past crush on Tom the ice cream shop boy.

Secret exactly one person knows anything about: Self-explanatory.

Secret no one knows about, but they sort of want to come out/to tell someone: Something that they would like to tell someone but are maybe afraid of saying. Like if they have a super power but they have to protect their friends (see Spiderman).

Find the Main Character Workbook HERE!


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