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Review: The Masks We Wear


This is my GoodReads review which you can also find HERE. You can find the book HERE.

DISCLAIMER: This contains spoilers.

The Masks We Wear: High School Bully Romance (Emerald Falls Series) by Lee Jacquot is an entertaining and interesting read. I came across this book when I stumbled on Lee’s Instagram which I now follow. This book marks the first Young/New Adult Romance smut book I’ve ever read in my life.

Let me start off by saying immediately that I absolutely hated Liliana. She was entitled, kind of abrasive, and very self-absorbed. The way the whole issue started off because of a misunderstanding was so irritating too, but in retrospect, it makes sense that a teenager would act so viciously in retaliation. Though some of the stuff she did was so petty and childish, I do remember doing a couple of stupid things myself as a teen so, yeah, I get it.

I wished Spencer would give up and move on already. He was dealing with plenty enough without pining away for a girl that treated him like shit. I really didn’t like how much of a pushover he was, but to everyone their own personality.

But heck, Liliana grew on me like ivy does an abandoned house, and by the end of it I didn’t hate her all that much. I really appreciated the fact that she saw a therapist and figured herself out, more so I’m happy that Blaze and Amora were still her friends by the end of it. Despite her fucked-up-ness she grows through the story and so do they (a little) and they show how much they actually care about her which was really nice.

I also particularly liked how much schoolwork and events take over their lives which isn’t something you see very often in books cemented in “school,” many a time the author forgets about finals and homework and all the other stuff that goes on in a teenager’s life.

I cried, I laughed, I felt a child-like excitement that I haven’t felt in a long while when reading this book so I would recommend it as an entertaining read. I got through it in about 6-10 hours of reading.



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