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Review: Bossypants


This is my GoodReads review which you can also find HERE. You can find the book HERE.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not the target audience for this book at all.

I read this book for my How To Write Funny class, and I’d never heard of Tina Fey before this class altogether. I don’t consider myself a difficult reader, but I didn’t like this book. It could be because I HAD to read it for class, or because of my background, lack of American schooling and sense of humor, and disinterest for TV in general but yeah, no.

The “funny” wasn’t all that funny and there were parts of it that made me cringe. I reckon it was written and published 10 years ago, but there were some comments that just made me stop and wonder who in their right mind let this go to press. Like even my “off the boat” ignorant self from 6 years ago could tell you that they were a bit problematic, but I digress. This book only got one chuckle out of me and it was about the book with the witch (if you read it you should know). I saw a skit she was part of from SNL I think, and I did find her funny there. So I think it’s just the book that didn’t do it for me.

I think you should read it for yourself before forming an opinion on it, and I hope you like it more than I did.

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